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Press Release World MS day Wednesday, May 27, 2010

KARACHI , May 27 (…..): Multiple Sclerosis is one of the common Neurological diseases affecting young individuals. Pakistan is considered a low prevalence area for Multiple Sclerosis (less than 5 cases per 100,000 populations). It was considered a rare disease in Pakistan about 10-15 years ago but now more and more cases of this disease are being identified largely due to increasing number of neurologists and availability of MRI. Women are affected (about twice) more as compared to men.

This was stated by speakers Prof. Shaukat Ali President MS Trust & Pakistan Society of Neurology, Prof M.Wasay Secretary Pakistan Society of Neurology, Dr. Mughis Sheerani and Dr Abdul Malik General Secretary MS Trust & Treasurer Pakistan Society of Neurology at a seminar organized at JPMC here on Wednesday to mark the World Multiple Sclerosis Day. They said this disease usually presents as loss of vision or numbness or weakness of arm or leg and sometimes as loss of balance and difficulty in walking.

"Most patients can be diagnosed by a neurological examination done by a Neurologist. MRI Brain is the confirmatory test. If MS is not treated it can lead to disability in 5-10 years. Most patients become wheel-chair bound in 10-15 years. Treatments available in Pakistan can slow down the disease spread and delay the disability related to MS, the speakers further said.

The health experts said that the counseling and Physiotherapy are extremely important aspects of managing MS patients. 5/8Multiple Sclerosis Research & Patient Welfare Trust was established in 2005 to increase public awareness regarding MS in Pakistan . We have organized training workshops for physicians and neurologists for better diagnosis and update on current management of MS. Trust is also providing subsidized medical care and medications to needy patients," they said.

They said: "MS trust also published disease awareness material for the public awareness. MS trust is affiliated with MS International Foundation (MSIF). MSIF has declared May 26 as World MS Day. It is for the 2nd time that MS Day is being organized worldwide. We have developed a database of MS patients in Pakistan , and

MSR&PWT are conducting research study related to genetics of MS in Pakistan .

World MS Day in Karchi