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World MS day

Multiple Sclerosis is one of the common neurologic disease affecting young individuals. Pakistan is considered a low prevalence area for MS with less than 5 cases /100,000 populations. Due to advancement in technology and efforts of Neurologists MS is now largely recognized in Pakistan. Disease modifying treatments available in Pakistan which can slow down the progression of disease and delay disability related to MS. 

Bayer Schering Pharma and Multiple Sclerosis Research & Patient Welfare Trust celebrated World Ms Day on 27th May 2009 with the objective to enhance the awareness of Multiple Sclerosis among the general population. This is the first time that MS day is being organized world wide. The aim of this day to further endorse the mission of Global MS movement together every individual, group and organization in the world can fight to improve the quality of life of all people with MS and the many more people affected by it.  

To mark this occasion Bayer Schering Pharma inaugurated by sponsoring News Conference held on May 25 at Karachi Press Club.  News personnel belonging from different Newspapers were present for covering this event. The conference chaired by Prof Shaukat Ali accompanied with Dr Mohammad Wasay and Dr Abdul Malik. We used Backdrop with both Bayer and MS trust logo.



MS Day Backdrop Dr. Shaukat Ali, Dr M Wasay And Dr Malik
during Press Conference
Prof. Shaukat Ali
addressing Press Conference
Dr. M Wasay
addressing Press Conference
Dr.Shaukat Ali ,Dr M Wasay And Dr Malik
during Press Conference
Press Personnel attending Press Conference

We also Advertised the programme the programme among people by giving add on Press -Daily Jang (Karachi)on 25 th May 2009 and Daily Jang Islamabad on 27 th May 2009.

 On 27 th May, 2009 we organized programme on My life with MS on JPMC Neurology ward .The programme was highly successful as around 70 -80 MS patients/relative were attended took keen interest by asking questions and clear various issues related to MS. We have distributed Patient awareness material among the patients and decorated the ward with backdrop, banners and mountings. Prof.Shaukat Ali acknowledges Bayer effort by sponsoring event.

Section of MS patients/Relatives during Programme

Question Answer Session during Programme


Programme on My life with MS on Shifa Hospital Neurology ward on 31st May 2009. We have got excellent participation of patients in this event with the programme run in a nice manner. They asked various questions responded well by doctors. Prof Shaukat Ali and Dr. Mohammad Wasey highlight the role of Betaferon in the management of MS as highly effective drug which improve the quality of life of patients. Dr Arsalan thanked Bayer for arranging patient awareness programme and hopes to continue these activities in future as well. 


Display of Material during  MS Day

Presenter Delivering Lecture to Participants during MS day

Question Answer Session during Programme

Overall it was an excellent programme helped to increase the awareness of MS among general population and endorsed the commitment of Bayer Schering Pharma which is always in front to provide services for the betterment of patient to improve their quality of life.